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starts May 2019
14 weeks
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Graduate level or relevant experience
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Aberystwyth University
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Aberystwyth University, Online
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Course overview

The biobased economy encompasses much more than our need to find renewable substitutes for oil in the face of climate change and the finite nature of fossil fuels. It is a global issue encompassing sustainability, food production, economic growth and public health.

This module examines the societal drivers that shape the bio-economy and looks at what makes production viable. The need for energy efficiency will be highlighted, along with vertically integrated production pipelines. There will be a focus on global policies and economic trends and we will look at the implications, restrictions and opportunities they present to biobased industries, and we will consider the approaches used to underpin and evaluate them, such as LCA and the application of green chemistry to conversion processes.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module participants should be able to:

  • Discuss societal drivers that shape the bio-economy.
  • Appraise factors that make production viable.
  • Critically evaluate the restrictions and opportunities provided by global policies and economic trends.
  • Demonstrate a fundamental and practical knowledge of energy efficient, vertically integrated production pipelines.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the approaches used to underpin and evaluate the bioeconomy e.g. LCA, green chemistry conversion processes.
Additional Course Information

The course will consist of a series of lectures and guided learning focused on:

  • An introduction to the Bio-based economy 
  • How to shape the next level of European Bio-based Economy
  • A roadmap to a thriving Industrial Biotechnology Sector
  • Options for designing the political framework of the Bio-based Economy
  • Developing a global bio-based policy initiative
  • Life Cycle Analysis as a tool to steer bio-policy
  • Cascading the use of wood products from biomass
  • Sustainability Certification and Mass balance:
  • Progress in the standardisation of bio-based products
  • Mass balance and minimum share 
  • Can ISSC PLUS certification be misleading?
  • Bio-based economy: Market pull measures for bio-based products
  • Bio-based Chemicals and Bioplastics – finding the right policy Balance
  • Zero Carbon Britain, implications of a ZCB
  • The future of UK carbon capture
    My AFTP training course has given me greater confidence day-to-day and more insight into the impact of new techniques and technologies.
    Andy Russell - Fresh Produce Technologist, Bakkavor

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