Course overview

The Evaluating Sustainability Through Life Cycle Approaches course focuses on the frameworks and techniques used to evaluate the sustainability of an organisation or cohesive system. The course is aimed at professionals who need to understand the fundaments of life cycle assessment, carbon footprinting and water footprinting. By the participants should be able to undertake a Life Cycle Assessment of a system in the wider economy.

The course includes some examples from the agri-food sector, but is aimed primarily at conveying the core underlying science behind life cycle sustainability.

The additional course of on offer on “Agricultural Life cycle Analysis - More Than Just The Carbon Footprint”. We aim to run this in May 2018 and this addresses some key features of agricultural LCA that differ from LCA in the wider economy.


Key facts file

Course Dates:

3 - 7 Dec 2018

Title: Evaluating Sustainability Through Life Cycle Approaches

Short Course - Five Days.

Entry Requirements:

There are no specialist entry requirements.

Credits: 10
Cost: £1400.00
Course Provider: Cranfield University
Course Arrangements: Full joining instructions will be confirmed by the course provider.
Course Location: Cranfield University
Course Logistics:

Mixed Cohort: AFTP participants will attend their course alongside full and part-time postgraduate students studying at the delivery university


Adrian Williams

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Select and evaluate accepted frameworks to assess the performance of processes and/or systems in terms of sustainability.
  • Identify and implement appropriate techniques to assess the environmental performance of an organisation or product or process.
  • Critically evaluate the outcomes of environmental assessment techniques in terms of life cycle sustainability.


Additional Course Information

Sustainability performance evaluators:

  • Definitions, indicators, indicator selection and analysis.
  • Assessing information against sustainability performance criteria.
  • Frameworks and techniques.
  • Environmental management systems.
  • Life cycle assessment.
  • Strategic and environmental impact assessments.
  • Carbon and water foot-printing.
My AFTP training course has given me greater confidence day-to-day and more insight into the impact of new techniques and technologies.
Andy Russell - Fresh Produce Technologist, Bakkavor

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