Course overview

Man has had close association with poultry since about 2000 BC, notably in the Persian, Greek and Roman periods leading up to the present. The modern poultry industries developed in the 1950s and there have been considerable developments since then. Developments in management strategies, nutrition and genetics have improved production efficiencies in both the UK egg and meat sectors.

This course offers knowledge and understanding in poultry genetics, the supply chain, nutrition and welfare to enable synthesis of strategies to deal with problems and issues that may arise in their own sphere of management.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Appraise the historical associations between man and poultry to the development of the modern UK poultry industry.
  • Evaluate ways in which the different methods of production adopted for meat and egg production ensure flock health and product safety.
  • Evaluate the contributions made by genetics, housing, nutrition and management on production efficiency.
  • Evaluate the legislative framework within which the poultry egg and meat sectors operate.
  • Evaluate the influence of the Industry Standards along with key welfare interest groups on the operation of the UK poultry industry.
Additional Course Information

Areas covered on this course will include:

  • Historical association between man and poultry
  • The modern poultry meat or egg birds
  • The poultry environment
  • Associations within the UK poultry industry
  • Industry standards in the UK poultry industry
  • Local authority control, DEFRA (with FAWC) and UK/EU legislation
  • Poultry welfare

    Key facts

    Course Dates
    12-16 Nov 2018
    5 days
    Entry Requirements
    Level 6 or industry experience
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    Course Provider
    Harper Adams University
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    Course Location
    Harper Adams University
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