Course overview

This unit can be studied as part of the AFTP's 'Potato Production and Management' course.

Areas covered will include:

  • Introduction: Aims and objectives; Role of irrigation in UK production; “Pathway to efficiency”; Irrigation Benchmarking.
  • Irrigation water requirements: Evapotranspiration; Estimation of ET; Effective rainfall; Irrigation need.
  • Water holding capacity of soils: Effect of soil texture, structure and rooting depth.
  • Water resources & regulation: Abstraction licences & drought orders; CAMS; Reservoirs; Working together and abstractor groups; Water trading.
  • Irrigation scheduling: Critical water contents; Soil water measurement; Water balance approaches.
  • Operating in-field systems: Making the best of rain-guns, booms, sprinklers and trickle; Performance evaluation; Advantages, disadvantages; energy requirements and costs of operation; Precision irrigation.
  • Economics and risks: Economics of irrigation; Climate change.

Key facts

Course Dates
12-13 November 2019
2 days
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£750 is the standalone unit fee or £648 as part of the Potato Production and Management module
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Cranfield University
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Cranfield University
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My AFTP training course has given me greater confidence day-to-day and more insight into the impact of new techniques and technologies.
Andy Russell - Fresh Produce Technologist, Bakkavor

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