Course overview

The Poultry Nutrition course is intended to complement the other courses in the programme Postgraduate Certificate in Poultry Heath and Production and provides professionals working in and with the poultry production industry an understanding of the underlying science and application of poultry nutrition.

It will enhance participants' knowledge and understanding of poultry physiology, nutrition and management in such a manner as to allow them to analyse critically feed supply in relation to requirements and potential responses.

Participants will demonstrate through coursework and/or examination an understanding of the factors that influence nutrient supply and the potential for manipulating metabolic processes through nutrient supply in production systems for poultry.

Key facts file

Course Dates:

7-9 Jan 2019

Title: Poultry Nutrition

3 day short course

Entry Requirements:

Degree in the subject area or industry experience

Credits: 10
Cost: £1400.00
Course Provider: University of Nottingham
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Course Arrangements: Full joining instructions will be confirmed by the course provider.
Course Location: University of Nottingham
Course Logistics:

Lunch is provided.


Julian Wiseman

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module participants will be able to:

  • Be familiar with the poultry industry / poultry products both in the UK but also globally
  • Demonstrate understanding of the key elements of poultry nutrition covering energy, protein / amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fats.
  • Explain the importance of feed intake an its influence on bird performance.
  • Evaluate current research and advanced scholarship in the fields of poultry nutrition.
  • Describe common feeding systems employed in the poultry industry.
  • Appreciate the practicalities of assessing nutritional value of raw materials and compound diets.
  • Work in groups to deliver assignments thus also developing communication skills.


Additional Course Information

Areas covered on this course will include:

  • UK Poultry Industry
  • Digestive physiology of poultry
  • Detailed consideration of dietary components
  • Fundamentals of diet formulation
  • Recent developments in poultry nutritional research

This module will be assessed as follows:

Exam: 1 Hr Multiple Choice Questions  50%
Coursework 1: Team Based Problem Solving and Presentation Exercise 25%
Coursework 2: Practical Assignment 25%

My AFTP training course has given me greater confidence day-to-day and more insight into the impact of new techniques and technologies.
Andy Russell - Fresh Produce Technologist, Bakkavor

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