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Good soil structure not only sustains agricultural production but also benefits the wider environment. However, damage to soil structure caused by soil compaction can reduce yields, affect crop quality and contribute to off farm impacts such as greenhouse gas emissions, flooding and water quality issues. Therefore, being able to identify the signs, causes and solutions to compaction must be a top priority for those who manage or guide management of our soil systems. 

This course is specifically designed to enable individuals to develop confidence in their ability in identifying compaction issues, with reference to the wider environmental context. Participants will learn about effective solutions targeted appropriately at specific problems. 

The course will consider aspects of compaction in line with current guidelines for soil protection, including existing agri-environmental schemes in England and Wales and Environment Agency recommendations, in order to contextualise the information into advice being widely promoted (e.g. GAEC and Think Soils).

This course is taught by Cranfield University, and is held at G's Salad near Ely, Cambridgeshire.

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Title: A practical guide to soil compaction: Causes, consequences, prevention and remediation

1 day workshop - The workshop can be taken as a stand-alone training day.

Entry Requirements:

No specialist entry requirements.

Credits: 0
Cost: £375.00
Course Provider: Cranfield University
Course Arrangements: Full joining instructions will be confirmed by the course provider.
Course Location: Cranfield University
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Mixed Cohort: AFTP participants will attend their course alongside full and part-time postgraduate students studying at the delivery university

CPD Awarding Body: BASIS
CPD Points: 2

Lynda Deeks

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the causes and impacts of soil compaction.
  • Recognise signs and indicators of soil compaction.
  • Provide solutions to specific compaction problems.


Additional Course Information

Areas covered will include:

  • The impact of soil compaction on soil function
  • The economic impact of soil compaction
  • Causes and prevention of soil compaction
  • Assessing the presence and severity of soil compaction
  • Remediation of soil compaction
  • Compaction risk, preventative and remediation strategies
My AFTP training course has given me greater confidence day-to-day and more insight into the impact of new techniques and technologies.
Andy Russell - Fresh Produce Technologist, Bakkavor

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