New MSc graduate: 'I thought it would be impossible'

‘I thought it would be completely impossible’, states Becky Tavernor as she graduates with a Masters with Distinction.

The AFTP and Aberystwyth University are proud to announce their first Masters graduate in Sustainable and Efficient Food Production. To mark the occasion Aberystwyth University have produced a short video where Becky comments on some of the challenges and achievements that led to her outstanding academic success in her part-time distance learning masters course. 

Like many AFTP students, Becky started her studies in a small way with a two-day workshop in soil science. In common with other participants she enjoyed her first module in this area so much, she decided to take things further by enrolling on the part-time Masters course. Becky took a total of six twenty credit modules and undertook a work-based research project to achieve her degree over a total of four years.

Becky is a dairy consultant with The Dairy Group and works with dairy farmers to tackle technical and productivity challenges in their herds. To develop her research project, Becky took aspects of her day job where she undertakes mastitis control work, to create a work based project which explored the use of digital pedometers in dairy cattle and whether data gathered from these could be used to predict the incidence of mastitis in a dairy herd.

‘The course has given me a complete technical update and all the advice I give to my clients has been improved and updated’, is one of the other positive outcomes that Becky is able to report from completing the course.

Becky is typical of the hardworking ambitious students we are looking for on the AFTP programme’, stated Marty Spittle, AFTP Co-ordinator at Aberystwyth. ‘We fully recognise and appreciate that our students have busy work and home lives. Our courses are flexible enough to allow people to progress as their work and domestic commitments allow. We wish Becky all success in her career and hope that she and her clients will continue to benefit from the improved technical and scientific knowledge she has gained on the course.’

To watch the full three-minute video about the MSc in Sustainable and Efficient Food Production programme click here.

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