Skills shortages and careers pathways in the agrifood industry – building a framework that delivers UK productivity

Although the agrifood industry contributes more to the UK economy than the automotive and aerospace industries combined, this highly diverse sector is in short supply of human capital.

In this article, that is scheduled to be published in the December issue of the IFST Magazine, AFTP Director, Carol Wagstaff and her co-authors outline potential strategies to attract new recruits and enhance the skill sets of those who already work in the sector. Naturally the AFTP, with its flexible ways of delivering blended University-accredited learning, features highly in what is proposed alongside apprenticeships and exemplars such as Scotland’s College Development Network. Technology will undoubtedly change the type of workforce that the sector will require. Carol argues that this may provide just the catalyst that is needed to change perceptions and attract those young people with the innovative and creative skills necessary to serve the UK with food and drink for the years to come.

More to follow.

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